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Stop periodontitis
and tooth decay
We will keep your teeth in good shape. From the dentition to the time your peers put in a dental substitute.

Dental Hygiene Adéla Dental Care, s.r.o.

A smile is the best gift that makes everybody’s day more enjoyable. Do not skimp on smiling, just because your teeth are not in good shape. Just visit our dental hygiene centre regularly, and your teeth will shine with health and freshness worthy of TV commercials.

Dental hygiene is the best prevention against tooth decay, periodontitis and its consequences. Do not be afraid to visit our dental hygiene clinic. We will teach you how to properly care for your teeth, prepare an individual plan for gentle teeth cleaning, and in the next steps, we will professionally clean your teeth. Treatment of periodontitis, odour from the mouth and removal of tartar are matters of course. All this without pain, in a comfortable and pleasant environment that will appeal to your children as well. Together, we will teach them the principles of proper dental care from a very early age.

New patients

Do not postpone dental care, or it may be too late. Becoming a dental hygiene patient has never been easier.

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