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Dental hygiene

A smile can brighten a cloudy day, elevate your mood, and show people around us that we are positively tuned. Do you skimp on smiles because you are embarrassed to have bad breath? Do you suffer from dental plaque, decay or bleeding gums? All these difficulties are easy to solve. Do not neglect dental care and adhere to the principles of dental hygiene.

What is dental hygiene?

Simply put, dental hygiene is a field focusing on taking care of your teeth. Regular and proper dental hygiene effectively prevents pain and diseases in the oral cavity, periodontitis and consequent loss of teeth. Preventive dental hygiene is the most effective way to treat teeth.

Professional dental hygiene

Why is it not enough to clean your teeth yourself at home? Why is it important to visit a professional dental hygienist even if you have seemingly clean and healthy teeth? Because home care for teeth is never a substitute for proper professional care.

At least once every six months, make the time and visit the dental hygiene centre Adela Dental Care, s.r.o.

We will teach you

  • how to properly take care of your teeth, including the practice of cleaning techniques
  • we can advise you on choosing the right cleaning aids
  • we will prepare an individual hygiene program for high-quality and gentle dental care

However, our care for your teeth does not stop with counselling. We want you to leave us with a fresh breath and a bright smile. That's why we offer you a comprehensive portfolio of dental hygiene services:

  • professional tooth cleaning (prophylaxis) - get rid of pigment stains from drinking coffee, coke, tea or smoking. We will remove tartar and unpleasant dental plaque
  • we will take exceptional care of your gums, including the treatment of bleeding gums
  • we will cure your periodontitis
  • we will find the source of an unpleasant odour from the mouth, and we will remove it effectively
  • we will whiten your teeth - professional teeth whitening is gentle and effective immediately
  • we will embellish your new glowing smile with Skyce tooth jewels
  • and of course, we do not forget your children - we perform children's preventive and dental care in a way that will make your children look forward to coming to us, and their next visit to the dentist's chair does not instigate even a hint of fear in them

Be responsible with your teeth and do not underestimate prevention. At Adela Dental Care we take care of your needs individually and sensitively. In our office, you have nothing to worry about. Leave fear and embarrassment behind the door. Meet our friendly dental hygienists and let their skilful hands take care of your radiant smile regularly. The sooner you book an appointment, the sooner you will be smiling brightly wherever you go.